Thursday, January 20, 2011

EIA Quarterly Data 1983-1993

The EIA has an excellent site but it isn't without its quirks - for instance, many of the figures for annual data only begin in the early 80s, but sets covering much longer spans of time for the same subjects are available in the Annual Energy Review. Another oddity, which I'll remedy with this post, is how Monthly/Quarterly International data only goes back to 1994, even though these numbers are readily available in old issues of the Short Term Energy Outlook. Presumably they're waiting for a flunky to scan these and punch the numbers in; well, having waited some years for this to happen, I went ahead and did the deed myself. This was a bit time consuming, but I learned a fair deal about OCR software in the process.

As the post title states only quarterly numbers are given. I tried to stick to numbers that weren't preliminary, as is the case when the numbers are given in boldface in the original documents, but in one or two instances this wasn't possible. Note that numbers for Canada
Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and Total OECD are given starting Q1 1987. I threw out the "Statistical Discrepancies" sequence. I don't think there any serious errors in the scanning, but take all this with a grain of salt anyway.

The format changed massively in 1991, hence the extra headers beneath the main ones. I did fill in US and OPEC production to make a quick and dirty graph. OPEC really flails about in the 80s, but levels off in the 90s...hmmm...was it the markets calming down, or did they just lose the ability to swing? I have data on OPEC quotas ready to match up with this in the next post, and also the spare capacity stuff from WTRG.

Link to download of .ods file: EIA Quarterly Data 1983-1993

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